• Only products imported and distributed solely by PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA are covered by the guarantee.

• The costs associated with the installation and maintenance of the product are not covered by any guarantee, therefore, they are the sole responsibility of the consumer.

• PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA guarantees for SAT products and the brands that we represent as a service center, free repair for any factory defect within the specific warranty period for each product.



• Products whose warranty period has expired.

• Problems caused by improper operation or use (other than recommended in the user manual) or by poor environmental conditions.

• Problems caused by improper transportation of the product.

• Problems caused by the invasion of foreign elements to the product such as water, sand, insects, mice or the like.

• Problems caused by natural conditions such as: earthquakes, floods, electrical storms, etc .; by accidental conditions or caused by humidity, fire, voltage fluctuations, vandalism, theft or the like.

• Products that have the serial number altered or removed.

• The following are not covered by warranty: remote controls, removable memories, consumables, accessories and plastic, metal, rubber, cloth or cosmetic parts that can suffer wear and tear due to normal use.

For the guarantee process, the products must be sent to the Guarantee Department of PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA: Main Office Carrera 18 33 30. The authorized emails to attend to guarantee matters are: soporteit@prosercol.com The contact telephone number is 3124163611, The monitoring and traceability of the guarantees can be done online through https://crmerp.prosercol.com/htdocs/public/ticket



• For products in liquidation, auction, Bodegazo and gifts, a different warranty term applies to that stipulated in this document; which will be informed at the time of purchase.

• If at the time of receiving your product, the packaging is in poor condition, please contact the Shipping Department immediately)

• The Warranty Department is NOT responsible for products sent to the area, for reasons other than warranty requests.

• PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA will not be responsible for the loss of information contained in hard drives or devices that have personal information, likewise it is not responsible for the loss of licenses, programs and others. Before leaving a product for the warranty process, the customer must make a Backup of their information and remove any additional accessories. PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA will not refund money for any reason, in which case a credit note will be generated towards the client.


1. To start the guarantee process it is necessary to generate a case number or PQRS TICKET. Through our https://crmerp.prosercol.com/htdocs/public/ticket, Registering for the first time, filling out the PQRS ticket that appears there and attaching the requested documents. Right there in this portal, the client can have a history and follow-up on all their cases.

• If the Client does not have complete documentation or does not meet the requirements established to start the process, the product will not be able to enter the warranty process. Neither will TICKET PQRS be generated

2. Before shipping your warranty, we recommend that you keep the following in mind:

• When requesting the guarantee, carry out a specific diagnosis, specific reaching the smallest detail.

• Review first-level questions where you will find solutions to the most common problems of the products we sell, thus reducing the time of the warranty process.

• If you cannot solve with first-level questions, request advanced support, where the registration process will end.

• Remember that you must write the serial of the product for which you require advanced support, this must be fully registered for better traceability.

• The product will only be sent to the facilities of Prosercol Asesores Ltda. With advanced support authorization in the CRM of Prosercol Asesores Ltda., Doing so without it could incur costs.

• Remember, by not performing the process described above, you can generate diagnostic costs ($ 30,000) plus shipping.

3. After creating your PQRS TICKET number and completing the process of the previous point, this PQRS ticket will remain open for the respective shipment of the product for a maximum of 8 days, at the end of this time if the product is not received at the Prosercol Asesores facilities Ltda., The PQRS TICKET will be closed and you must create a new case

4. Once the diagnosis has been made by the technical support of PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA., Your PQRS TICKET number will be updated in the crm, with the technical report for collection or in I sent to the registered address in the case of cities

5. The estimated warranty response time for the SAT brand will be 8 business days and for the other brands that we represent as a service center it will be 15 business days.

6. The time of the guarantee process starts from the receipt of the merchandise at our facilities, Cota headquarters, where its receipt will be confirmed through https://crmerp.prosercol.com/htdocs/public/ticket under the TICKET number PQRS that you previously registered.

7. PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA will not be responsible for guarantees that arrive without their respective case number or PQRS TICKET will be grounds for returning the product.

8. PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA will not be responsible for accessories that do not correspond to the article (Memories sd usb, micro sd, sim, etc.).

9. For cases processed in Bogotá, it is the Customer's responsibility to deliver and collect the product under warranty at any of the PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA headquarters. For other cities, the shipping charges to PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA will be assumed by the distribution channel.

10. The guarantees sent to PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA. They must come with freight, payment and home delivery, the return of the same will be made payment against delivery.

 a) Products that are sent to guarantee that their purchase value is greater than $ 300,000 PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA will assume the round trip transportation of the guarantee products.

 b) Products that are sent to guarantee that their purchase value is less than $ 300,000, the cost of both shipments will be assumed by the customer.

 c) For cases where the customer identifies the damage to his product under warranty (part, source, cable, among others), and can resolve it at his facilities, he may request the defective part from the support and commercial advisor area, which you will be billed and shipped; the client must send the defective part in order to be able to cross with the one already billed.

• Applies for credit customers; You must remember that in the same way you must register the PQRS TICKET in crm and carry out the process of numeral 2, likewise the minimum shipping amount described in the previous point.

11. For certain cases, you may request the technical support area that your product under warranty be sent with an order in process, for these cases it is necessary to send an email to the addresses authorized in this document, with a copy to your assigned advisor, plus the following support it@prosercol.com to have full visibility of your request.

12. Merchandise whose material includes glass, fragile or delicate handling material must be packed or strapped according to the specific technique for its transfer and handling, it must also have labels or notices that allow its identification to avoid being affected during its shipment. transport.

13. Any guarantee after having been solved has a maximum time of 30 days for your claim, after this period PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA. will not be held responsible.

14. DOA PROCESS (DEAD ON ARRIVAL): Equipment that at the time of being unpacked for the first time presents a technical hardware problem, which involves the change of a component or the product in its entirety, each brand has its established times.

 a) The DOA guarantee or product exchange distributed by PROSERCOL ASESORES LTDA. It will be valid within 7 calendar days from the invoice issue date, wholesaler after 7 days will take this claim as a normal warranty process.

 b) The DOA request must be processed with a guarantee TICKET PQRS within the previously established time.

 c) If when you receive your merchandise, it shows that the product (s) have scratches, or bumps, the internal box in poor condition, you must process the PQRS TICKET attaching the invoice and photographic evidence. If the outer box arrived in poor condition (wet, broken) at the time of delivery, you must report directly to the carrier


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